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  1. Web (Apache) authentication and authorization module

    C 2 Built by @cs
  2. Code used in "Acoustic monitoring reveals diversity and surprising dynamics in tropical freshwater soundscapes" published in Freshwater Biology on March 25, 2018

    R 2 Built by @bgottesm
  3. Sendmail anti-virus, anti-spam filtering service

    Perl 1
  4. Synchronous mail scanner for Sendmail

    C 1 Built by @cs
  5. ECN Queue Processor

    Perl 1 Built by @cs
  6. Filesystem user ID and group ID summarizing tool

    C 1 Built by @cs
  7. A gtk-based motd (Message of the Day) for user desktops

    Python 1 Built by @cs
  8. run, the concurrent processor

    C 1 Built by @cs
  9. Shell 1 Built by @abruenic
  10. Dryad Synthesizer for SyGuS competition.

    C++ 1 Built by @wang3204 @shen290 @xqiu @huang989
  11. igor configuration file preprocessor

    C 1 Built by @cs @nelson @kennell @moyman @shuey
  12. PHP 1 Built by @ddietz
  13. The new ECNUtilities repository.

    JavaScript Built by @kanias @seth
  14. A set of scripts for running and diagnosing output from the Purdue Storm-Scale Ensemble Forecast system.

    Built by @dawson29
  15. FUNctional Uncertainty Quantification for MD

    Python Built by @sreeve
  16. LAMMPS trajectory analyzer

    Built by @desai61
  17. Java 1 Built by @epienaar @apetruc
  18. Matlab 1 Built by @bjun
  19. Matlab Built by @jeshragh
  20. Built by @vaneet
  21. Python 1 Built by @sharrell @goel23
  22. DSM in Bayer CS site with VisNIR and EPO

    Built by @jackers
  23. Matlab 1 Built by @bjun
  24. Perl Built by @jwisecav