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  1. Code used in "Acoustic monitoring reveals diversity and surprising dynamics in tropical freshwater soundscapes" published in Freshwater Biology on March 25, 2018

    R 3 Built by @bgottesm
  2. AAE 590 Solid Fuel Ramjet Ground Launch Demo, Prof. S. Heister

    Matlab 2 Built by @mgrande
  3. Template for a WRF-DART experiment on Rice.

    Shell 2 Built by @dawson29 @cole125
  4. This contains some documentation about using various Machine Learning packages on RCAC clusters.

    2 Built by @amaji
  5. Python 2 Built by @sharrell @goel23
  6. Jupyter Notebook 1 12 Built by @sharm261 @nguye245 @oeldagha @grant73 @amathewk
  7. FORTRAN 1 Built by @mill1182 @skubicki @smeriam
  8. 1 12 Built by @an93
  9. 1 Built by @smeriam
  10. Leetcode algorithm exercise

    Python 1 Built by @wang3702
  11. A collection of python modules/tools for working with Cloud-Resolving Models (CRMs) such as CM1, ARPS, WRF, and COMMAS

    Python 1 Built by @dawson29
  12. Python 1 Built by @mgribsko
  13. Purdue Snakecharmers group (OO Python)

    Python 1 1 Built by @mgribsko
  14. Shell 1 Built by @abruenic
  15. Dryad Synthesizer for SyGuS competition.

    C++ 1 Built by @wang3204 @shen290 @huang989 @xqiu
  16. PHP 1 Built by @ddietz
  17. Source code for XIOS RNA fingerprint generation and comparison

    Perl 1 Built by @huang147
  18. Python 1 Built by @ddietz
  19. Sound record analysis project with Professor Bryan Pijanowski.

    R 1
  20. Iterated prisoners dilemma, python version, duh

    Python 1 Built by @mgribsko
  21. Public scripts for the manuscript "Adversarial Spectroscopy"

  22. 12 Built by @nguye245 @amathewk @grant73 @oeldagha @chintas
  23. 12 Built by @nguye245 @amathewk @grant73 @chintas @kuo63
  24. 12 Built by @nguye245 @kuo63 @grant73 @amathewk @carls113
  25. 12 Built by @nguye245 @prampras @kuo63 @grant73 @amathewk