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This is a prototype for thesis proposal. It streams Theta S video (works as a webcam) to the web (http server).


Use Node.js http-server

$ npm install http-server -g
$ http-server

access on Chrome.



  • On VR Device,
    • Stream 360 Video taken by the Theta S
    • Add functions to operate two controllers
    • From the controllers, the system accepts coordinate info (2D..? 3D? Needs double check))
    • Check ROS compatibility
  • Path planning
    • Coordinate transformation (2D -> 3D): How can I get the depth info?)
    • Global path planning: Landmark based Pre-assigned spots. APs will be installed on the spots
    • Use a directional antenna attached on the mobile robot
    • Local path planning by AP control: Find a local path using AP signal strength
    • Obstacle detection
    • Create a suitable path based on the points (Currently, use Bezier Curve)
  • User Interface
    • Feedback in VR Sys
    • Show a list of pre-assigned spots
    • User can find a new path while exploring
    • Show a global view on the display (Overview of the map + current position of the robot)