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Generate data file for LAMMPS from initial structure
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This tool generates a data file for LAMMPS simulations of molecular systems starting with an atomistic structure.

Tool features:

  • Accepts a wide range of input formats (e.g. CIF, PDB, XYZ)
  • Works with periodic boundary conditions, even when covalent bonds cross boundariesThe tool uses OpenBabel to convert the initial files
  • Sets up energy expression for Dreiding and PCFF force fields (including automatic bond recognition and atom typing)
  • Assigns atomic changes using the Gasteiger method

Known bug: If resonance ring crosses the boundary, atoms will be incorrectly

How to run

Please be aware of the requirements specified below, before running struc2lammps. If ready to run, then follow the instructions:

  1. Specify the input arguments in input.args
    • Initial structure (can be added in ./data/)
    • If box parameters are not included in the initial structure please edit the box.txt file (include cell dimensions and angles)
    • Bondscale parameter for connectivity identification (scaling sum of covalent radii of bonded atoms)
    • Force field. Currently supporting Dreiding and PCFF
  2. run python
  3. Just wait! You should see a once if finishes.

The data file provides pair coefficents in LJ (12/6) form but you will obtain a extra file with Buckingham potential (exp/6)


In order to sucesfully run struc2lammps and obtain a data file you must have:

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