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Heterosynaptic Calcium Buffering
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Heterosynaptic Calcium Buffering This is the readme for simulations for the paper:

Bhalla US (2017) Synaptic input sequence discrimination on behavioral time-scales mediated by reaction-diffusion chemistry in dendrites. Elife

This archive was contributed by Dr U. Bhalla

This zipfile contains the following files: README.html: this file Script for generating Figure 2. Script defining abstract models for Figure 2 Script for generating panels BCEF of Figure 5 Updated version of that works with the current (20190219) version of MOOSE. Due to a change in the random-number generator system the exact shape of the response is a little different however the qualitative outcome is still the same. Script for generating panel D of Figure 5 Script for generating data files for Figure 6 Script for making panels B-J of Figure 6.

NN_mapk14.g GENESIS chemical model definition file for Figure 6 Channel prototypes for Figure 6 VHC-neuron.CNG.swc Morphology file for Figure 6


To generate the figures:

Figure 2: (takes about 10 seconds) python fig 2

Figure 5: (takes about 30 seconds) python fig 5

python (This will only work if you have Moogli installed. It generates the 3-D view of the modeled dendrite.)

Figure 6: (takes about 6 hours for each generation run, and 5 seconds for the final figure) python --fnumber 0 --sequence 1234

python --fnumber 2 --sequence 40312

python ( This assumes that the files Fig6_data.0.1234.xplot and Fig6_data.2.40312.xplot have been generated from the previous two commands. Note that I have explicitly embedded the results from a big parallel run for the tuning matrices into the script file.)


20190219 This archive revised to include a new file from Upinder Bhalla. See notes above for file description.

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