A Linpack benchmark within a Docker container.
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Docker Linpack Benchmark Container

A Docker container used to perform computational benchmarking.

How To Use

The container is designed to execute the benchmark and exit. There is no daemon to the process and the results are written to a directory rather than pushed to stdout to be collected by Docker. The data is written to an internal directory /hpl-output which is intended to be a Docker volume specified by the user.


  • /hpl-output - directory where output from the Linpack benchmark will be placed


docker build -t hpl-benchmark:latest .
docker run -ti --rm --name hpl-benchmark -v ~/log/hpl-benchmark:/hpl-output hpl-benchmark:latest

Additional Information


The goal of this container was to compare computational performance between a standard RCAC RHEL6/CentOS7 system and a service running in a Docker container.


After comparing the Linpack benchmark results of a native system and a service in a Docker container, there was a negligible computational difference between Linpack directly on an OS and Linpack through a Docker container.