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Exploratory - GitHub Skill Session

0. Layout


├── Requirements.txt
└── images
    └── flow.png

1. Environment Setup

You may choose to build either a Virtual Environment using 'virtualenv'. This replicates the packages and libraries that are required for the code to run.

1.1 Build a virtual environment

  1. install virtual
pip install virtualenv
  1. install python virtual environment named 'exploratory_venv'
python3 -m venv ie590_project_venv
  1. activate the virtual environment module
source ie590_project/bin/activate
  1. when finish working on the venv

Alternatively you may use a Docker Image. Docker provides a more robust replication of the runtime environment than 'virtualenv'. This is particularly useful when you have hardware dependencies such as GPU drivers or communcation with other hardware.

1.2 Build Docker Image

docker-compose build sim

2. Git Version Control

- Note: Use a branch named by your github account. Do not push to the master branch.

Git Flow Diagram

Git Flow Diagram

  1. setup git on the working directory (you only do it once)
#Navigate to the directory of your choics 
cd <.../your_directory>
cd posture_venv # your virtual venv directory
mkdir posture 
cd posture # make sure you are in the directory which will be your working directory

git init
git remote add origin
git pull origin master
  1. create your branch (you only do it once)
git branch <your_github_account_name>
git checkout <your_github_account_name>
  1. update codes in local directory

  2. check git status

git status
  1. Add your code to the staging area. If you have not added a code, it will not be tracked by git.
git add <updated_file_names>
git commit -m "<message>"
git push origin <your_github_account_name>
  1. make a pull request in the Github repository website
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