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A java program that reads GCN precipitation and does SCS curve number.
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GCN to Runoff 2017

A java program that reads GCN precipitation files ( CSV) as input and computes SCS curve numbers 30 - 99.


This program expects precipitation files downloaded from the GCN Daily Climate Data website: An example is included in the zip file. Match the format of the example. User needs to monitor quality of observation data.


When you download from GCN make careful note of the units you select, it is not obvious later. Use one file for each station, formatted as daily rows. Do not use monthly or summarized data.


Each one of all CSV files found in the folder with this program will be processed as precipitation for one station. Daily runoff is computed for every observation. Then all runoff for each year is summed. User must have alread evaluated if sufficient observations exist for that year within the downloaded CSV file. After each year is summed, all years are averaged into a single Average Annual Runoff. Results are average annual runoff produced in inch or millimeter for all CN between 30 and 99. It is your responsibility to ensure the number of observations fully represents the year. Meaning you may need to remove years that have missing observations above a threshold you feel is appropriate.

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